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A symphony for your senses.

Conductor’s Focuses


Conductor encourages you to craft, save, and share funky environments with its vibrantly creative tool-set.
Import any image or video and shape it according to your will with Conductor’s Advanced Mode!
Check out this preview!


Conductor offers a powerful platform to build your ideal meditative experience inside of.
Take advantage of its easy-to-use toolset in VR to create your ideal meditative atmosphere!


Import your favorite songs and watch how Conductor shapes your experience to the music.
Assign audio reactivity to any active Conductor element!
Check out this preview!


Enjoy your favorite movies, shows, music videos or any of your video content inside of Conductor’s immersive environment.
Set elements to react to your video’s audio for a wild experience!
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Virtual Reality

In addition to supporting standalone Desktop, Conductor supports most VR headsets through SteamVR!
Immerse yourself in a sensory cocoon of your own design!
Check out this preview!

Social Connection

Create a room to Conduct n’ Chill with your friends, or meet new ones in the Public Hang!
Import the same files to listen to music and watch videos in sync with your friends in multiplayer!
Conductor also supports watching YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo and more, in sync with your friends in multiplayer!
(Streaming via YouTube etc. currently unavailable due to YT-DL’s removal from Github by RIAA, fix incoming ASAP)


Conductor is an early access, community supported platform.

If you like what we are doing here, please consider supporting us on Patreon!
Patrons get to help shape Conductor’s future by submitting and voting on upcoming features on our Public Roadmap!
It’s your support that allows us to offer Conductor for free, and helps us stay caffeinated and fed while we’re deep in the lab!

Conductor Events Calendar

If you’d like to host your own event inside of Conductor and have it listed on this calendar, please Email us with the subject title “Conductor: Event Request by (Your Name)” with the date, time, and if it is recurring or not!

Click on one of the events below for details and the room name to connect to!

october, 2020

Conductor Showcase

Check out these awesome creations made with Conductor!
Email us your Conductor creations (image or video) with the subject title “Conductor: Showcase by (Your Name)” for a chance to be featured in this showcase!

Conductor Blog

Announcements, updates and special events can be found here!

Conductor 2020.9 Current Known Bugs

Hello everyone! I'm dedicating this post to the currently known bugs, I'll be sure to keep you all updated as we discover more! Multiplayer Settings Sync Overwrite The netcode gods have seen to make it difficult for us to properly debug this issue lol. We are aware of it and will continue researching how to

Conductor Early Access Is Live!

HUGE NEWS! Conductor Early Access is now live and available for download! Grab it here! It has been a wild journey these last few years, but I am beyond stoked to say that at last Conductor is here! I’m particularly proud of the incredible team of people I've had the fortune to work on Conductor