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Conductor 2021.4 Releases! 4/10/2021

Conductor’s first update has arrived!
Hi there, friends!
Conductor 2021.4 brings with it not only a handful of bug fixes, but two new features as well as a much needed music import clarification in the interface.
Feature Additions to Conductor 2021.4 include:
  1. Audio and Video track repeat. Now you no longer have to manually restart your tracks or your videos, and have the freedom to watch and listen to them for as long as you please!
Bug Fixes in Conductor 2021.4 include:
  1. Imported videos will now respect whether you have their audio muted on import or not.
  2. Advanced mode animator tabs will now no longer cause their features to disappear if double-clicked too many times by accident.
  3. Track selection using the playback controls panel arrow buttons under the music tab will now always bring you to the proper forward and backward track, rather than skipping over the track that had just finished.
  4. Reactivity Spheres will no longer shrink in VR when added into the orbit of a Geometry Sphere.
Music Import Clarification:
  1. Conductor’s Import Music button now describes how to properly import music, rather than having that bit of knowledge only in the readme.
As always, thank you for your interest in Conductor and don’t forget that you can stay up to date with our development on our Public Roadmap and by joining our Community Discord!
If you like what we’re doing here with Conductor, please consider supporting us on Patreon or picking up our first content DLC on Steam!
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