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Conductor Early Access Is Live!

HUGE NEWS! Conductor Early Access is now live and available for download! Grab it here!
It has been a wild journey these last few years, but I am beyond stoked to say that at last Conductor is here!
I’m particularly proud of the incredible team of people I’ve had the fortune to work on Conductor with, and also the fact that this launch includes not only the VR build, but that we were also able to get a Desktop build together, with full cross-play multiplayer support between the two versions!
It was important to me that those who did not have VR would not be left out, and I am happy that we were able to get it done!
As we are launching in Early Access, there will still be the occasional bugs here and there while we’re working out the kinks, but if you find anything that hasn’t already been mentioned on our Public Roadmap ( please be sure to post about it in the #bug-reports channel on our Discord!
In keeping with my desire to put out art and products that give back to the world, I’ve decided to release Conductor as a free, community supported platform.
If you find yourself enjoying what Conductor has to offer, please consider supporting me and the team at Club Transcendia through Patreon!
– With more love than I could ever hope to express, Christopher Valore (TheArchitect)
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