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Conductor 2020.9 Current Known Bugs

Hello everyone! I’m dedicating this post to the currently known bugs, I’ll be sure to keep you all updated as we discover more!
Multiplayer Settings Sync Overwrite
The netcode gods have seen to make it difficult for us to properly debug this issue lol. We are aware of it and will continue researching how to potentially fix it.
If two players have the advanced mode panel open, and Player 1 inputs a settings change, it will sync as it should.
If Player 2 then closes the advanced mode panel, and Player 1 puts in another change, the sync will go through visually, but if Player 2 brings the panel back up after that, it will actually send over the previous update back to Player 1.
This isn’t an issue if all players have the advanced mode open while collaborating on a scene, or as long as in this example Player 2 did not open up advanced mode again.
Multiplayer – Adv. Mode Gradient Controls
The netcode gods PARTICULARLY hate this feature and are defying what appears to be ALL logic regarding this feature lol. We’ll keep looking into it post-release.
The gradient Speed (SP) and Position (P) sliders in the advanced mode panel are currently broken in multiplayer but function properly in single player.
In multiplayer, they currently do not sync properly and will reset upon any settings sync.
(?) Importing Music
We’ve had one user so far report that there was a problem with importing music, reporting that the Open button does not work when importing a folder of tracks, and crashes the application if spammed. Other users have not experienced this same issue.
We’ll keep an eye on it, and post our findings if we figure out how to resolve this problem for the users who may be experiencing this problem.
Streaming Site Link Import
11/5/2020 Update: The below bug has been fixed, please run Conductor from both patchers in order to get this bugfix.
A few users including myself have encountered an issue where importing videos from Youtube or other streaming sites is no longer working.
Conductor makes use of Youtube-DL and it is possible that its recent removal from Github by RIAA’s DMCA has something to do with this. A fix is coming ASAP.
We’ll keep you updated on this issue as we look into it.
– With love, TheArchitect
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