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Conductor Update News! 8/21/2020

Hi hi everyone!
It has been quite a while since our last update, and that’s because SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED since I wrote it haha.
In the last post I mentioned that the streaming sites integration was the last big feature that I wanted to get in before we started moving towards release, and at the time that was definitely true.
However, not too long after I had made that post, all of the cards started to fall into place to allow me to invest in getting a lot more done than I had originally intended for release, and so I felt like it was worth it to delay release to get the following features implemented.
Since the last update we’ve been able to get these features implemented:
  • A complete redesign of how geometries are interacted with, internally referred to as the Sphere Interaction Paradigm.
  • Geometry interaction and advanced mode parameters synced over multiplayer
  • Additional advanced mode animators, now allowing for animating the Camera Rotation, Tunnel Controls, and Hue Speed parameters.
  • Advanced mode now remembers your settings input for each set of enabled geometries.
  • Save settings import and export, both for geometries as well as interface layout.
  • Ability to mute yourself and others.
  • A playlist for videos that are imported locally as well as those added in from a website link.
  • Conductor will now persistently store images that are imported into it for application to the tunnel in the color and background controls panel, as well as allow you to clear them out.
  • Conductor will now persistently store your last input Avatar and Room names input in the Multiplayer Panel.
  • Conductor now offers you the option of whether you want to enable or disable syncing Audio, Video, Visuals, and Video Links while in Multiplayer for when you want to hang with your friends but don’t want your interface to be influenced by their actions.
  • Web panels that when connected to the internet show the latest updates to the Conductor blog, as well as any upcoming Conductor multiplayer events.
  • Conductor’s Hall of Fame for Patreon supporters and other special mentions.
  • A fully featured Desktop build of Conductor to compliment the VR edition to allow people without headsets to enjoy it, as well as join in on Multiplayer events.
I don’t think I missed anything, but WOW look at that THICC UPDATE LIST hahaha.
With all of those updates in now, I’ve been doing clean up and general organizational updates internally to get Conductor ready for release.
I’m still not entirely sure how we’ll be going about release, since I want there to be a big event / as much media coverage as I can get for it at launch but I haven’t been able to organize much of that due to life obligations lately.
That aside though, I’ll be sure to keep you all updated as we move forward, super stoked to see where things are headed!
In the meantime, check out this preview video of the latest VR build!
– With Love, TheArchitect
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